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Lijepo aranžirana hrana i namirnice, te umijeće njihovog fotografiranja, put je do uspjeha kojim su krenuli mnogi domaći i strani blogeri. Danas nam je u moru Instagram profila pažnju privukla Virpi Mikkonen @vanelja koja se ističe savršeno stiliziranim fotografijama hrane s naglaskom na roze i ljubičaste nijanse.

Vipri je poduzetnica, autorica bloga Vanelja i kreatorica zdravih recepta, koja živi u Helsinkiju s 5-godišnjom kćerkom i suprugom redateljem. Po zanimanju je novinar, ali je prije 7 godina zbog zdravstvenih problema s kožom i želucem morala drastično promijeniti prehranu, izbaciti gluten, mliječne proizvode i rafinirani šećer. Kako je problem uspjela riješiti uz pravilan odabir hrane. Svoje je iskustvo u to vrijeme odlučila podijeliti na prvom finskom wellness blogu naziva Kiitos Hyvää (To je užitak), koji je ubrzo postao vrlo popularan, a mnogi čitatelji sa sličnim problemima počeli su je redovito pratiti. Povratne informacije koje je od čitatelja primala, bile su joj dobar poticaj i inspircija da nastavi pisati o wellness hrani. Nakon porodiljnog dopusta odlučila je napustiti posao novinara i postala poduzetnica. Tijekom prve godine napisala je i fotografirala svoju prvu kuharicu o zdravim poslasticama, koja je kasnije objavljena i na engleskom jeziku pod imenom It's a Pleasure. Iste je godine pokrenula i web stranicu vanelja.com, koja se fokusira na čiste užitke. Više ne dijeli zdravstvene savjete, ali svakodnevno nadahnjuje ljude da se i sami upuste u stvaranje ukusnih i zdravih obroka. Do sada je napisala 4 kuharice, a dvije N'ice Cream i It's a Pleasure možete kupiti na Amazonu.

Na Instagram profilu trenutno ju prati više od 159 tisuća sljedbenika koje redovito oduševljava novim slatkim pričama.

Fancy a delish, plant-based & gluten-free Mother’s Day Cake? Well, here’s your recipe! Created this special treat in collab with Risenta @risentasuomi and their lovely almond meal which is my fave flour when baking because it just makes everything suuuper tasty. For the decoration you’ll get a fun twist when you cut off a cake slice before frosting and fill also the notch with plant-based whipped cream and berries. Hope you’ll try it & like it! (Resepti suomeksi kommenteissa!) Have a sweet weekend! #vanelja #collab #risenta ✨ Vanelja’s Mother’s Day Cake (vegan, gluten-free) ✨ Cake: ½ cup oat milk 4 tbsp ground flax seeds 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted ⅔ cup applesauce, unsweetened 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup almond meal by Risenta ⅔ cup oat flour (or grind rolled oats in the blender) ½ cup coconut sugar 2 tsp baking powder tiny pinch sea salt ✨ Filling & on top: Coconut whipped cream or soy whip fresh berries banana almond flakes ✨ Tin diameter: 16-18 cm / 6,5 - 7 inches ✨ Preheat the oven to 180 C / 350 F degrees. Mix the oat milk and ground flax in a small bowl and leave to thicken for 10 mins. In the meantime measure the coconut oil, applesauce, apple cider vinegar and vanilla in a big bowl and stir well. Mix the almond meal, oat flour, coconut sugar, baking powder and salt in another bowl and mix then with the wet ingredients. Stir in also the flax gel. Grease a cake tin with coconut oil and pour in the cake dough. Bake for about 40-45 mins, until a toothpick comes out clean. Note that the texture of the cake should be a bit moist. Take the cake out of the oven and let cool completely. Split the cake in two with a sharp knife. Fill with coconut whipped cream or soy whip and banana slices. Set the other half on top of the lower half and frost the cake with coconut whipped cream or soy whip and place lots of fresh berries on top. Finalize with edible flowers.

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No.1 June food: Plant-based ”Tuna Sandwiches”. Get the recipe below! Two days to my summer holiday and wrapping up here my last customer gigs, like these super fun and delish sandwiches I designed for a client. Got so many messages from you guys asking for the recipe when I flashed these babes yesterday on my Stories while I was working on them, so here it comes. Enjoy, my blossoms! #vanelja VANELJA’S JUNE SANDWICHES aka Chickpea Tuna Sandwiches Makes about 4 stuffed toasts Filling: 1 can (about 300 g / 10,5 oz) chickpeas 4 tbsp Plant-based mayo or natural spread ¼ cup pickles, cut to small pieces 1 small red onion 2 tbsp yellow mustard 2 tsp juice from a lemon 1 tsp maple syrup or raw organic honey ¼ tsp sea salt small handful dill black pepper For the toasts: Multi-grain gluten-free toasts Plant-based mayo or natural spread sprouts avokado fresh dill edible flowers, such as dill flowers, oregano flowers, chives flowers or violets First, prepare the mixture. Smash the chickpeas in a bowl so that you leave some whole chickpeas in the mixture. Stir in the rest of the filling ingredients (Add first a little bit of mustard and then add more, if needed). Taste and add some of the spices, if you like. Spread plenty of filling onto a toast. Add sprouts generously. Top with avocado slices and dill. Spread some mayo onto another toast and place it on top. Slip in some edible flowers and also on top of the toast. Serve and enjoy!

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✨Recipe & GIVEAWAY✨ Ok babes, this is what you’ve been asking for: a recipe for these vegan & GF Vanilla Dream Crepes w/ Berry Coconut Cream filling. Since I first posted a photo of these a week ago I have literally recieved hunderds of messages people asking for the recipe. And I have done my best to answer and tell everyone that yes, the recipe is coming soon soon soon! It’s so heart-warming that the photo has resonated so strongly with you guys and that you have been sharing it and wanna try them out. So to pamper you I’m gonna share the recipe + give one of my cookbooks to one of you & give a SHOUTOUT on my Stories. You can choose which one of my books you’d like: 1. It’s a Pleasure - Sweet Treats without gluten, dairy and refined sugar. 2. N’Ice Cream - 80+ recipes for easy vegan ice creams 3. Christmas book - Joulukirja (Only in Finnish) 4. Healthy fast food - Kiitos hyvää Pikaruokaa (only in Fin). To take part: Like this post & tag 2 or more of your friends on the comments before Monday 4th midnight. Double your chances & share this photo or the one I shared last week tagging @vanelja . *THE GIVEAWAY HAS CLOSED: THE WINNER IS @jonnaberghem * :Vanilla Crepes with Berry Coconut Cream filling ✨ Makes about 5 crepes ✨ Crepes: 1 cup oat flour (or rolled oats blended to flour) 5 tbsp potato starch 2 tbsp coconut sugar tiny pinch of sea salt 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 cup sparkly water 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted Preheat the skillet. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl. Add vanilla, sparkly water and oil. Stir until even. Add a drop of coconut oil on the skillet and pour on some dough so that you get a thin round crepe. Cook until the surface looks dry, flip with a thin spatula and cook the other side. Prepare the rest of the crepes. Set aside & prepare the filling. ✨ Berry Coconut Whipped Cream: 1 can full fat coconut milk, kept in a fridge 2 tbsp maple syrup ½ tsp vanilla powder 2 tsp blueberry powder Open the coconut milk can and scoop out the white thick paste into a bowl . Add the remaining ingredients and whip with a mixer until fluffy. If the mixture becomes too liquid, place it into a freezer for 10 min. ...(✨Rest of the recipe in the comments!✨)

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Blackberry Dream Cake recipe & ✨New Concept✨ May I present my new feature: Vanelja Insta Books - little recipe books that you can now find from highlighted posts on my profile. Dedicated my first Insta Book to my Dream Cakes, so you can now easily find recipes and inspiration when you’re craving for some raw cakes. Atm you can find recipes for 5 cakes, including this Blackberry Dream Cake in the photo. Gonna upload more in the future, for example nut-free recipes coming! Crafted this first one to you this weekend and got so excited that would just like to do more and more of these booklets! As I personally never read blogs, so I thought this would be a fun and fresh way to share my recipes. Would love to hear what you think! And speaking of cakes, Thank you everyone who has participated my #dreamcakeparty & #vaneljavitamixgiveaway so far! Beautiful entries. And for you who haven’t, still time to get lucky & win a Vitamix, hands down the best blender on this planet. This is how you can join: ✨ 1. Share some of my Dream Cake photos that you can find under a hashtag #vaneljadreamcake OR share your own dream cake / raw cake & maybe also the recipe, if you have. 3. Use BOTH of these hashtags on your post: #DreamCakeParty & #VaneljaVitamixGiveaway 4. Tag me @vanelja in the photo and mention me also in the beginning of your caption and that you’re taking part to this party. You’ll have time to take part until 25th of March. I’ll be giving shoutouts to the participants & my fave entries during all this time. The winner will get the Vitamix Ascent A2500 blender delivered to her/his home and gets also to pick the color of the blender. #vanelja #vaneljainstabook #dreamcake #vaneljadreamcake

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Saturday looks like Blueberry Coconut Dream Bowls. {Recipe below ⤵︎} Topped with Blueberry & Matcha Coconut Cream Drops. As you can see my piping game has now evolved from flowers to dots. Might sound crazy, but piping those tiny dots is extremely meditative. Tried it the first time here, but I bet there’s more to come. By the way, how you like my new rose marble backdrop, feeling it? I’m kinda in love. Have a good one! #vanelja ☁️ Blueberry Dream Smoothie ☁️ 1/2 cup blueberries 1 cups rolled oats 1 ripe banana 1/2 cup coconut milk, from the fridge 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 tbsp lemon juice 1/2 cup or more oat milk Place all the ingredients, except oat milk into a blender and blend until smooth. Add so much oat milk so that you get the right thickness. Enjoy!

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You said it: This was my best post in 2017 - Blueberry Thyme Dream Cake! ✨Thank you for all the shares and likes and comments and love! You really are my angels. #vanelja #dreamcake #vaneljadreamcake Blueberry Raw Cake Base: 100 g / 3,5 oz dried, soft apricots 1 cup pecan nuts pinch of sea salt Filling: 2 cups cashew nuts (soaked for 30 minutes & rinsed) 1 ripe banana ¼ cup coconut oil, melted 5-6 tbsp raw organic honey or maple syrup ¼ cup oat milk or almond milk, if needed 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ cup blueberries handful of fresh thyme leaves On top: blueberries fresh thyme Pan diameter: 18 cm / 7 inches Place a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of a cake pan. Place all the base ingredients into a food processor or a high-speed blender and blend until moldable dough. Press the dough firmly into the bottom of the cake pan. Prepare the filling. Place all the filling ingredients (except blueberries and thyme) into the food processor / blender and blend until smooth. Add some dairy free milk, if needed, to get a smooth texture, still keeping it as thick as possible. Pour about ⅓ of the mixture into the cake pan and smooth out the surface. Add blueberries and thyme to the food processor / blender and blend with the remaining mixture. Taste and add some of the spices, if needed. Spoon the filling into the cake pan and even the surface gently with a spoon so that you don’t mix the white and the purple filling. Top with blueberries. Place the cake pan into the freezer for about 2-3 hours or until the cake is solid. Remove the cake from the pan and place it on a serving dish. Sprinkle on some thyme leaves, serve and enjoy. Store in a fridge.

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